Art and design technology

Art and DT at St. Joseph's
All children at St. Joseph ’s are encouraged to develop their artistic creativity, learn new skills and appreciate existing works of art. Children are given opportunities to explore a wide range of materials, tools, and techniques in 2D, 3D, and virtual form. Through links with Plymouth University and STEM, children are given the chance to explore digital technology, programming and code.  We feel that the study of art and design is extremely important in helping the children understand the world around them, from experimenting with drawing and painting in foundation through to designing and creating functioning bow and arrows in Year 6.  Last Summer, a group of children were involved in art projects at Plymouth Arts Centre, where they created paintings exploring the theme of ‘identity’. Later this year, children will get the opportunity to take part in the school  Portrait Artist of the Year competition and the whole school will engage in a creative arts week which will lead to an exhibition for parents, friends and families. Watch this space!