Childrens University

Welcome to St Joseph’s Children’s University page.

There are now over 40 children who have Children’s University passports and over 10 children who bring their passport in on a regular basis to have it updated.

If your child has a passport that needs updating to record the clubs they have been to, please ask them to bring it to me at lunchtime. 

If your child goes to after school clubs here or out of school clubs and activities and would like a passport please also ask them to see me at lunchtime.

Your child will be awarded a Children’s University stamp for every club or activity they do that is for 1 or more hours.  For example:

If your child has a 30 minute swimming lesson every week at the Life Centre they will get 1 stamp for every 2 lessons they go to.

If your child goes to football or gymnastics club at St Joseph’s they will get 1 stamp for every session they go to.

If your child goes to Plymkids Theatre club for 3 hours every Saturday they will get 1 stamp for every session they go to.

Your child will be awarded certificates when they have received:   30 Stamps – Bronze

                                                                                                                                   65 Stamps – Silver

                                                                                                                                  100 Stamps – Gold

They can continue to collect stamps and will be awarded certificates up to 1000 stamps.

Certificates are usually presented to the children during St Joseph’s Friday assembly.

Your child will be able to attend a Children’s University Graduation ceremony when they receive a Gold Certificate.  So far 3 children have been to a Graduation ceremony and there are 6 more children who will be able to go to the next graduation.  The Graduation is a lovely experience for your child and a lovely way to celebrate their achievements.

The aim of the Children’s University is to reward children for all the out of school extra learning they do.  The clubs they go to help build their life skills, such as team work, confidence, communication and so on as well as helping them to learn new skills and make new friends.

If you would like more information please look at the Children’s University Website.