MKC Heroes

What is MKC Heroes?
MKC Heroes is a nationwide support group for children of service men and women. The MKC Heroes website gives lots of information about the group and the many nationwide events and activities the children take part in.
MKC Heroes at St Joseph's
At St Joseph's as we have several children who have one or more of their parents serving in one of the forces we are part of MKC Heroes.  Our MKC Heroes group is aimed at those children who qualify for the Service Pupil premium* and we choose two of these children each year to be our representatives at MKC Heroes events.  To support our MKC Heroes pupils we run a club every 3 weeks on a Monday afternoon. This is a time for children to meet with their friends, share any news or concerns they may have and take part in a craft activity.
* Currently any child who has a parent serving, or who has served during the last 5 years is eligible. Your child may also be eligible if the step-parent who they live with is serving.
MKC Heroes in Plymouth 
As part of the Plymouth MKC Heroes group, our representatives are able to take part in the events run by the Plymouth group. In the last year our children have been to 29 Commando Brigade R.A. at the Citadel, 42 Commando at Bickleigh, HMS Ocean,  Plymouth Argyle and will soon be going to the China Fleet club.
Our Heroes Representatives
This year we have chosen 2 children from year 5 to be our representatives.  All these children have a parent currently serving and have been part of the MKC Heroes group from the beginning.  Two children are invited to go to the Plymouth MKC Heroes event every half term and our representatives will take turns to go.
On 17th May our two Heroes representatives were lucky to visit HMS Ocean.  The visit commenced with lunch in the Senior Ratings Mess and then a bus took us to HMS Ocean. We were given a tour of the ship including the Galley, operations room, vehicle and flight decks plus the chance for the children to wear the fire fighter and pilot head gear. The favourites for Megan and Aisake were the Operations room and the flight deck.
On 19th October our 2 MKC Heroes representatives visited Plymouth Argyle.  They had a lovely buffet lunch and then a tour of the grounds.  While they were looking around the changing area they bumped into Luke McCormick who was having physiotherapy!