One Minute Maths

One Minute Maths has been designed to help pupils at St Joseph's gain fluency with their mathemetical knowledge, skills and understanding. 
Here is how it works.
  • In each year group, there are 10 challenges with the main focus being number, place value and calculations.
  • Each challenge consists of 10 (occasionally 15) questions which pupils will be tested on when they feel they are ready.
  • Pupils may attempt any challenge within their year group - they do not have to go in chronological order.
  • Pupils practise at home with parents, siblings or anyone else that may be able to help them before telling their teacher they are ready to be tested. The teacher will then find time in that week to test the pupil. 
  • Pupils can attempt one challenge per week.
  • They must answer all the questions in 60 seconds or less to complete it.
  • Once they have completed all the challenges in their year group, they are finished until the following year. Pupils will not take a challenge in a year group above their age due to the expectations of the new curriculum changing.
  • Once they have completed their year groups challenges, they will receive a badge of acknowledgement.