Spring Term 2

Welcome to year 4!
Our Class teacher is Miss Melley.
Other adults in our class are: Mrs Kelly and Mrs Stephenson.
Writing - During the second part of the Spring term, we will be immersed in performing, evaluating and composing Haiku poems. Following on from this we will then entertain with our fabels and inform with newspapers, inspired by our class text this term - The River Singers.
During the Spring term we will revisit fractions so as to add and subtract them. We will investigate how tenths and hundreths relate to decimals and dividing by 10 and 100 respectfully. Throughout the term, the children are given a weekly opportunity to engage in mixed problem solving and reasoning.
Religious Education
Our opening unit 'Eucharist' asks the pupils to consider - 'What is more important giving or recieving?' We will explore how through the sacrament of the Eucharist Jesus gives himself to us. We are called to follow Jesus by giving ourselves to others in the world. Following on from this we will focus on the liturgical season of 'Lent.' We will explore if self-discipline is important in life?
Physical Education
Our PE days are now Wednesday and Thursday. Please make sure that your child wear their PE kit to school on these days.
Reading - Hearing your child read can be difficult at this age, but as often as possible, ask your child questions about their reading book, challenge them to predict what will happen next and ask them to summarise what they have read so far.
Spellings - these will be issued on a Tuesday then tested on the following Monday. Handwriting practice sheets will contain the spelling list and remain in school. The children must access this list through Google Classroom. 
Maths - Children should practice their timetables on TTRS multiple times a week for at least 15 minutes. 
Important Spring Dates
Monday 22nd February - Teacher Training Day
Tues 23rd Feb - School opens to key worker pupils
Thurs 4th Mar - World Book Day
Fri 19th Mar - St Joseph's Day
Fri 19th Mar - Agents of Change Day
Thurs 1st April - Last Day of Spring term
Fri 2nd April - Good Friday
Sun 4th April - Easter Sunday