Year 5

Welcome to Class 5!!
Monday - Wednesday, our class teacher is Mrs Yuill.
Thursday-Friday, our class teacher is Miss Melley. 
Teaching Assistant - Mrs. Hall 
P.E will be on Wednesday and Friday and it is essential that children have their P.E in school. Please bring it in on Monday and leave it in school to ensure they have it (and in case the P.E day changes).
Homework will be set every Monday to be completed for the following Monday. This will include Maths and spellings, in addition to reading to an adult three times a week, practising one-minute-maths and times table travels.
Important Dates
Wednesday 12th June - Air Ambulance assembly
Wednesday 12th June - Year 5 at Mass (All Welcome)
Friday 14th June - Sports day
Friday 21st June - Reserve Sports day
Saturday 22nd June - Decon James' Ordination 
Wednesday 26th June - Whole school Mass (All Welcome)
Friday 28th June - Summer Fair
Wednesday 3rd July - Year 5 at Mass (All Welcome)
Friday 5th July - Samba workshop at Music Zone
Friday 19th July - Last day
Our Learning
Topic / Writing
All our learning happens through our topic and this term our topic is all about Brazil. We will learn all about its many cities and tourist attractions, as well as their traditions and celebrations. Children will do lots of interesting writing in the form of non-chronological reports and explanation texts.
We will use this last term in year 5 to focus on geometry and measuring. This will include angles, position and direction, converting units and volume.
Pentecost - Pupils should explore the concept of the Holy Spirit and its 4 elements:
2. Oneness (Unity)
3. Change (prompt)
4. Closeness
In particular in year 5 focusing on how the Holy Spirit creates one Universal Church community through its uniting nature and how the energy of the Holy Spirit is demonstrated in the whole of the bible and in the titles given to it throughout.
The children will also look at the Trinity and the role of the Holy Spirit within it. 
Other faiths - We will spend 1 week each focusing on Sikhism's and Hinduism.