Year 5

Welcome to Class 5!!
Monday - Wednesday, our class teacher is Mrs Yuill.
Thursday-Friday, our class teacher is Miss Melley. 
P.E will be on Wednesday and Friday and it is essential that children have their P.E in school. Please bring it in on Monday and leave it in school to ensure they have it (and in case the P.E day changes).
Homework will be set every Monday to be completed for the following Monday. This will include Mathletics and spellings, in addition to reading to an adult three times a week, practising one-minute-maths and times table travels.
Important Dates
Tuesday 11th September @ 3pm - Year 5 welcome meeting
Thursday 18th October - Last day of term
Friday 19th October - INSET
Our Learning
Topic / Writing
All our learning happens through our topic and this term our topic is the Ancient Egyptians. We will be looking at how the Egyptians have influenced the modern day Egypt. Our writing will be influenced by the Ancient Egyptian myths and information texts.
We will begin this term improving our understanding of number and place value and developing our confidence with numbers up to one million. Later on in the term we will then focus on the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The children will use their prior knowledge of place value to solve mathematics calculations using the formal written methods. 
Creationthis unit explores how we become co-creators. The starting points are the two creation stories in Genesis. This then requires understanding of what it means to be the ‘People of God’ as expressed by St Paul in his letter to the Colossians. Children should be encouraged to reflect on how they should live their lives in response to the teaching of Christ.
Prayer, Saints and Feasts - We are called to continue his healing through our own sacrifice. The concept of pilgrimage as a journey of prayer will also be covered. The second of the two Sacraments of Healing will be studied. The children will also hear about the work of the Church
in ministering to the sick today.
Islam - Five Pillars