Spring 1

Welcome to
Class 6!
Our class teacher is Mrs Spry.
Other adults in class are:
Mrs Archer
Writing - During the first part of the Spring term, we will be immersed in the historical world of the Vikings.  We have enjoyed performing and evaluating poetry which has given us valuable experience of the rich vocabulary associated with this period of history. 
Following our Viking visitor who will share a hands on approach to costume and weaponry, we will begin a narrative focus.  Our aim is to share extracts at the Y6 Viking show at the end of the half-term.  
Religious Education - There is an opportunity for a more detailed look at the Christmas story through the eyes of the Gospel writers. A particular focus is given to St John’s Prologue, which describes Jesus as ‘the Word'. This is followed by a unit on 'Revelation.'  At the start of this unit the children are asked to consider why people choose to have or not to have a faith. They then examine the conversion of St Paul when God revealed himself, and look at the impact of this conversion on him, on those around him and the Church.
Physical Education
Our PE days are Wednesday and Thursday. Please make sure that your child has their kit in school in order to participate in this fun, important and compulsory area of school life.  Those pupils without kit will use the spare items held by the class teacher.
  • Hearing your child read can be difficult at this age,  but as often as possible, ask your child questions about their reading book, challenge them to predict what will happen next and ask them to summarise what they have read so far.
  • Spellings will be issued on a Tuesday then tested on the following Monday.  Handwriting practice sheets will contain their spelling list and the children will have access to 'Literacy Planet' to practice further online.
  • Each pupil will have a 'One Minute Maths Challenge' which they need to practice at home, in preparation for being tested at points throughout the term.
  • In preparation for our SATs in May, the teacher will also send home material to support your child's learning.
After taking a skills check each Monday, we will spend each morning building fluency in the areas that we need more practise in.  Our taught sessions begin with a focus on algebra before moving onto ratio.
Important Spring Dates
Mon 13th Jan - Viking visitor
Wed 15th Jan - Whole School Mass
Wed 15th Jan -  Devonport Library 
Fri 21st Feb - Last day half-term