Mission Statement


Love Jesus                    Love Learning                     Love Life

As a Catholic School it is our mission to provide a safe, nurturing and happy environment in which to educate our children to share their witness through Christian values; to instil a love of learning, of self and of others; enabling all to develop their God given gifts and to achieve their potential.

Our aims are:
  • To provide a stimulating, holistic curriculum which enables and enriches learning, making education exciting and enjoyable. 
    Make learning fun

  • To promote a lifestyle which emphasises the importance of caring for physical and emotional well being.  Keep us healthy and happy
  • To be a worshipping community which enriches the spiritual life of the individual, developing a sense of awe at the wonder of God’s creation and his unconditional love. 
    Praise God
  • For each member of the community to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ allowing them to make informed moral decisions based on Gospel values.
    Make choices that Jesus would
  • To be an inspirational school where expectations challenge, and encourage each child to achieve the highest standards they can. 
    Push us to do our best
  • To support parents in their role as the first educators of their children. 
    Help the people who look after us at home
  • To be  known to parents and children as a welcoming and safe place. 
    Make us feel comfortable and safe
  • To ensure that the life and curriculum of the school celebrates and respects the differing ethnic, social, spiritual and cultural backgrounds present in the school and society.
    Celebrate our differences
  • To develop self esteem through making a positive contribution to family life and the lives of the school, parish, local and wider global community. 
    Feel good about helping others
  • To expect high standards of behaviour, courtesy and respect engendering a spirit of co-operation, kindness and compassion within the school community. 
    Treat each other well

The pupils in Class 5 read and discussed our mission statement in great depth. They interpreted each aim in their own language and these interpretations have now been added to the mission statement in blue.