Maths Fluency

Fluency Intent - 2019
Fluency in mathematics underpins all subjects and is an essential life skill. It is because it's importance that St Joseph's children will get dedicated time every day to improve their fluency.  If children are confident with their fluency they will access the curriculum  more quickly. As a result they will gain in confidence and thrive in their learning. 
Fluency Implementation- 2019
On a Monday children in all classes will complete a weekly skills check.
All of the questions are fluency and do not require any problem solving skills.
The purpose of the Weekly Skills Check is to ensure that children can remember number facts and calculations throughout the year and not just 'when it is being taught'.
At 9.30 every day children will receive 10 mins fluency practise based on the target topics from the weekly skills test. 
Children will receive practice that match the weekly skills check to practice at home. Children are encouraged to bring this in so that the teacher can look for common misconceptions.
How can you help at home?
Ensure they complete their fluency practice.
Use one minute maths links to check quick facts
Encourage your children to use timestable rock stars 3 times a week.