Year 1 Autumn 2

Year 1 Autumn learning
During the first part of the Autumn term 2, we will be immersed in composing repeated poems. Following on from this we will create then entertain with our Narrative tales based on fairy tales. Then we will end the term looking at informing our audience by writing letters to Father Christmas.
Physical Education
Our PE days are Monday and Friday. Please make sure that your child arrives in school wearing their school PE kit.  The children should also wear their usual school jumper or cardigan on these days. PE will take place outside and children will be able to wear hats and coats until they have warmed up for this fun, important and compulsory area of school life.
Pupils will learn dance where they will practise moving to different tempos and beats.  Pupils will also practise the fundamentals of moving further developing their hand eye coordination. 
In history we are exploring events that have happened in living memory. We will be focusing on toys and leisure of the past by asking the question 'Why is it important to learn about the past?'. We are looking at where the pupils fit in a timeline. We will be exploring how our grandparents lived and comparing this to our own lives. Pupils will have the opportunity to explore the past through multiple different mediums such as talking with other generations, exploring different sources and participating in different activities from the past. 
Religious Education
Our first unit this term is 'Baptism' where we ask the pupils to consider - 'Where do we belong?'  We will discuss how it feels to belong to different groups. We will look at understanding that baptism is the first sacrament that welcomes a baby into God's family and gives them a place they will always belong. 
We will then move on to look at 'Advent' Asking the question - 'Is waiting difficult?' as we prepare for Christmas and the coming of Christ. In this unit we will look at the different ways we prepare during advent including making our own advent wreaths to count down to Christmas. 
During the Autumn 2 term we will begin with looking at adding numbers to 10. Children will practice using different resources to help them add numbers to 10. We will  then look at how we can subtract numbers to 10. Through this pupils will then learn how to answer missing number sentences and compare number sentences using the more than/ less than language they learnt in the last half term.