Welcome to Foundation 
The class teacher is Mrs Cara Watts 
The class teaching assistants are Mrs Palmer, Miss Battistini and Mrs Cruze-Worth
Other adults also working in the class are Mrs Shores


Our learning journey this half term...


This half term we will be focusing on the question 'Is Everyone's home the same?' We will be exploring a variety of different homes and talking about how they are the same and how they are different. The first focus is on Handa's home using the story of 'Handa's Surprise' and the children will then have the opportunity to decide which homes we 'visit' next.  As part of this topic we will also be looking at the celebration 'Chinese New Year'. There will be a focus this half term on exploring different foods such as the fruit from 'Handa's Surprise' and tasking Chinese foods. The children will be encouraged to use all of their senses and to describe how the foods look, taste, smell and feel. We are hoping to go on a little walk in our local area to talk about what our own homes are like before the end of this half term.

We have many opportunities to mark make in all areas of the classroom and outside. We will continue to develop our reading and writing skills through both child initiated and adult led opportunities.  The children will be encouraged to read and write simple captions and sentences. Maths learning will continue to focus on recognising numbers and counting in order. We will be looking at finding one more and one less and also developing our ability to add and subtract small quantities. Through the Chinese restaurant role play area, the children will begin to look at money.

 In RE sessions we will cover the topics of 'Christmas' and 'Revelation'. In the topic of 'Christmas' children will explore the Christmas story and become familiar with the people involved, the location and the response to the Birth of Jesus.  In the topic of 'Revelation' the children are introduced to the roe of the Church in getting to know God. We will explore the story of 'The feeding of the five thousand.' The multi-faith element is Sikhism.


Important Dates
Every Friday from 3.15pm is story time for parents and younger siblings
Wednesday 3rd January- Back to school
Thursday 4th January- Children to bring a bag/suitcase to school with a few items they might take when going to a hot country
Tuesday 30th January- (3.40pm)- RWInc Workshop for parents (2nd session)
Wednesday 31st January- Skipping workshops
Friday 9th February- Inset day and end of term
 Our classroom
Reading-Sharing books at home is one of the most valuable things you can do with your child. We change books on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please share a book every day with your child and record what you have read in their Reading Record. Once children are ready, they will also start to bring home Ditty sheets. These are simple, short stories which they will have read and talked about in their RWInc sessions.
Spelling-Each week your child will bring home a list of sounds they have learnt and ideas about things you can do together to help them remember these. Please support your child by practising these sounds when reading and writing. 
This happens on a Monday afternoon and is taken by a PE specialist. From Monday 8th January please have your child's PE kit in school. To prepare your child for getting changed for PE, it would be useful to encourage them to dress/undress themselves and to show them how to fold their clothes.