Our aim is to provide children with the information and confidence to use technology in a safe and effective way. Our comprehensive ‘Computing Curriculum’ incorporates e-safety units throughout each year group and challenges issues related to e-saftey such as:


  • Using ‘mature’ social networking sites, such as Facebook, and connecting with individuals they don’t know
  • Accessing inappropriate content on the internet
  • Being cyber bullied by others on the internet
  • Using technology appropriately, e.g. webcams and cameras on mobile devices
  • Sharing personal information with others they don’t know on the internet
  • Playing video games with higher aged rating, e.g. Call of Duty.

Our filtering system is monitored and under constant review to ensure the children can use the internet safely in school.

Click on the logos below, for games and advice, on how to support your children to use and enjoy technology safely.

There has been distress caused by children accessing frightening material online particularly through Momo. Families using general e-safety measures can protect their children from such content. The link below contains Momo specific information and general e-safety measures.