Autumn Term 2

Welcome to Class 3!
Our Class teacher is Miss Melley.
Other adults in class are: Mrs McGoldrick.
Miss Gretchen Melley

Class 3 teacher

During the second part of the Autumn term we will evaluate narrative poetry. Following on from this we will create then entertain our audience through adventure narratives. Our final writing focus will be to inform the readers through adverts.
Religious Education
Our opening unit asks the question - Why make promises? We will explore the promises made in baptism. Towards the end of the Autumn term our Advent and Christmas unit begins by asking - Whats so special about gifts?
During the Autumn term our main focus will be addition and subtraction. This will include column addition and subtraction. Before Christmas we will change our focus will change to multiplication. 
Physical Education
Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday. As part of our PE this term we will be learning Handball with Plymouth Argyle community. In our other lesson we will focus on improving our fundamental skills such as throwing, catching, balancing and jumping.
Reading - The children will complete their 'Star Reading Assessment' in week one and will then recieve a reading book matched to their individual comprehension level.  Please encourage your child to read everyday as we will be tracking their reading success in comprehension quizzes!  As often as possible, ask your child questions about their reading book, challenge them to predict what will happen next and ask them to summarise what they have read so far. Reading is tracked electronically for volume and comprehension success. A minimum of 30 pages and a passmark of 80% quiz scores are expected. 
Spellings - These will be issued each Tuesday then tested on the following monday. Handwriiting practice sheets will contain the spelling list and are to be completed and returned for the Monday morning test. The school uses 'Spelling Frame' which supports the children's learning and this should be completed each week. 
Maths - Children shoul practice thier timestables on TTRS 3 times a week for at least 15 minutes.
Important Autumn Dates
Mon 31st October - Teacher Training Day
Tues 1st Nov - Pupils return to school
Friday 11th Nov - Remembrance Service
Thurs 8th Dec - International Christmas Market
Wed 14th Dec - KS2 Christmas Carol Service
Thurs 15th Dec - Christmas Dinner
Fri - 16th Dec - Last Day!