Geography Curriculum Intent - 2021


Love Jesus Love Learning Love Our World


By the time children leave St Joseph’s, it is our intention that the coherently planned and sequenced curriculum will have enabled them:

  • to accumulate a  rich web of knowledge

  • to be able to read widely and wisely to build on that base of knowledge

  • to have an eagerness to learn more and so to succeed in secondary school


They will be able to retain, recall and explain their  learning and apply it to become ‘agents of change’ . They will share their witness through Christian values with the  knowledge, skills and relationships they need to flourish as human beings; enhance the lives of those around them;  and make God’s world a better place. 


Geography Curriculum Implementation - 2021

Our Geography curriculum is planned to support the acquisition of knowledge and skills in primary education.  Each year group approaches Geography with an eagerness to ask and find answers to key questions. The Geography curriculum enables opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge  through a variety of human and physical themes to become geographers.  At St. Joseph's, the Geography curriculum is designed to be broad and balanced whilst providing progressive knowledge and acquirement of skills, with a an equal emphasis on the awe and wonder of God’s creation.  Progression is ensured through increasing complexity skills and knowledge, and themes selected; however, all children are included through accurate assessment of pupils leading to correctly matched learning for individuals.  Our HMS Quest characters provide a relatable support for pupil’s understanding of the skills needed to develop the drive to ask questions and  research them, providing them with the opportunity to comprehend the world they live in.