Our Collective Worship at St Joseph's

Worship and Prayer form a fundamental part of life at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School. As part of our Worship and Prayer life we meet daily as a school, class and community.  

On Tuesday we celebrate the Lord through our Prayer and Praise whole school worship. During this act of worship we sing hymns, reflect on our Gospel Virtues and Values for the week ahead and pray together for others.
On Thursday, our Growing In Faith Team (GIFT) chaplaincy team lead classes in a reflection/prayer time in the morning. This reflection time includes prayers, the Gospel and reflections.
Each week begins with a whole school Liturgy on a Monday morning, this is led each week by a different class and is prepared, planned and written by the pupils in each class. During this Liturgy, we reflect on the Sunday Gospel and look at a Gospel Virtue and Value which we try to live by.



On Wednesday, two classes each week attend Mass at St Joseph’s Catholic Church with the parishioners. For those classes not attending Mass that week, they celebrate a class led liturgy.

On Friday we celebrate those children who have shown Gospel Virtues and Values in their daily interactions and been witnesses of Christ in our Friday Celebration assembly. 

Weekly Mass is an important part of our Worship and Prayer programme at St Joseph’s. During special times of the liturgical calendar, we come together as a school community to celebrate. These times include; Harvest, Advent, Lent, Easter and Pentecost, as well as our Holy Days of Obligation. 


Daily prayer forms an important part of our school day. All classes pray at different times of the day, including; morning prayer, grace at lunch time and our end of day prayer. The Lord’s prayer, Hail Mary and Glory Be are also chosen by children at different times of the day.


All children in Key Stage 2 have a prayer journal for scribing their thoughts and feelings during their reflection time. All denominations and faiths are welcome at St Joseph’s and we invite everyone to engage in their own way and at their own level.