PSHE Intent 2021
Love Jesus, Love Learning, Love Life, Love Opportunity

At St Joseph's it is our intention that our children will:

  • Understand that we are created, chosen and loved by God.
  • Gain the life skills needed to become responsible members of their community.
  • Be able to make informed choices about their wellbeing, health, safety and relationships.
  • Leave St Joseph’s striving to have a positive impact on our wider world. 
PSHE Curriculum Implementation 2021
Teachers use the Life to the Full scheme of work, this encompasses religious understanding, RSE (relationships and sex and education) and PSHE (personal, social, health and economic education) elements. At the beginning of the year each teacher spends their allocated PSHE time getting to know their class, helping new children to settle and focus on any specific aspects of PSHE which will benefit that class. Each class also chooses their school council members which is a great opportunity to talk about and see in action democracy.

Life to the Full is broken down into three modules which children are taught throughout the year- Created to Love Others, Created to live in Community and Created and Loved by God. Each module begins with an assessment which is used by teachers to help to understand the progress children have made from the beginning to the end of each module. These modules are taught with a spiral approach so that year on year children can revisit and build upon their knowledge and understanding. For example in Foundation, children are taught about people who help us, in Year 1 and 2 they are taught how to make a simple 999 call and why they might need to do this, in Year 3 and 4 children learn some basic first and this is built upon in Years 5 and 6.
Alongside these modules and complementing the learning which takes place, our children also take part in focused weeks such as NSPCC PANTS, Anti bullying week, mental health week etc. We also have assemblies to highlight specific aspects of their personal, social or safety understanding such as Fire safety, sun safety etc. 
Below are links to the yearly overview and also a letter about the consultation for Life to the Full (Ten Ten consultation). In this letter parents/carers can find a link which when followed will give more information about the Life to the Full content and resources.