Science Intent - 2021


Love Jesus, Love learning, Love Life, Love Questioning


At St Joseph’s our intention is that our children will :

  • Be curious and inquisitive about the world around them and how it works.
  • Link these curiosities between units and year groups to ensure recall of embedded knowledge and vocabulary throughout their primary education.
  • Take advantage of seasonal study opportunities using practical resources in order to hone their scientific enquiry skills.
  • Explore pattern seeking, problem solving, fair testing, evaluating, creating and analysing through lessons, investigations and the use of our HMS question characters.
  • Leave primary education with a rich web of scientific knowledge, creating a solid base for further exploration during their secondary years.
Science Curriculum Implementation 2021
  1. Our Science curriculum is designed to progress from more practical, real world units and experiences in KS1 to more abstract concepts in KS2 to account for the children's growing knowledge, experiences and conceptual understanding. Eg. Planting beans in Year 1 and watching them grow - Examining and prediction the outcome of dye traveling through coronations in Year 3.

  2. All units of Science, learning objectives and areas of working scientifically have been taken from the national curriculum. This ensures that all objectives are covered by the end of the year. 

  3. RRE units interspersed throughout the year allow time to catch up on any weak areas, missed content or to dive deeper into certain objectives. This means children will cover a broad and balanced curriculum and end up with a rich web of Scientific knowledge and vocabulary.

  4. The questions and objectives are covered in increasing breadth and depth as the children progress and an emphasis is put on the disciplinary skills they need to acquire to become good scientists.  

  5. Planning is inclusive for all children with differentiation and objectives matched to individuals where necessary whilst maintaining a sense of overall progression and building complexity to address more abstract concepts.  

  6. Our HMS Quest characters provide a relatable support for pupil’s understanding of the skills needed to develop the drive to ask questions and investigate them, providing them with the opportunity to comprehend the world they live in through Science.

  7. To ensure teachers’ subject knowledge is up to date, regular CPD is planned by the Science lead to support changes in the curriculum as well as subject knowledge.

  8. Equality and diversity can be covered during the RRE units throughout the year where it would be suitable to spend a lesson or two looking at a range of Scientists and Inventors from history in connection to Science units looks at that year.  

  9. Children are encouraged to reflect, remember and make links between units and previous years through the use of flashback four and oracy activities at the beginning of each lesson and the use of previous key vocabulary.
  10. Where possible, cross curricular links have been made regarding the placement of different Science units in order to allow the children to make meaningful connections across subjects. Eg. Rainforests and plants in Year 3.