History Curriculum Intent 2021


Love Jesus, Love learning, Love Life, Love Enquiring


At St Joseph’s our intention is that our children will :

  • Recognise the importance of our historical context

  • Appreciate the relevance of key historical events and eras on their lives today. 

  • Know about local, national and world history in order to develop historical skills and recall key concepts

  • Grow as historical inquisitors. 

  • Be able to use their knowledge of the past to inform their actions to change things for the better in the future.

History Curriculum Implementation 2021
History is taught in half termly units, alternating with Geography, and covers both British and World topics.  Our History Curriculum is designed to start with the world closest to our youngest children, looking at events within living memory, and gradually expand beyond living memory to include the breadth of the National Curriculum requirements.  Skills and knowledge are planned to progress and build from Early Years to Year Six and pupils are encouraged to reflect, remember and make links as they learn.

Through following the history of Britain and its invaders and settlers we aim to give the children an understanding of how our national history has evolved.  Alongside this we consider the importance of ancient civilisations and empires and how they may have influenced us.
A whole school timeline which builds with the children’s learning journey, enables them to see each topic within its context and gradually become familiar with dates and chronology; taking into account significant events, eras and people.

Flashback Days for History and Geography enable children to recall and remember their recent studies, make links to previous learning and spend a day immersed in this area of the curriculum twice a year.  We also use Fieldwork trips and outside learning to support our teaching wherever possible.   Our Gospel values are embedded in each topic and children are regularly encouraged to discuss their learning in the light of these.