Maths Fluency

Fluency Intent - 2021
Love Jesus, Love Life, Love Calculating
Fluency in mathematics underpins all subjects and is an essential life skill. It is because it's importance that St Joseph's children will get dedicated time every day to improve their fluency.  If children are confident with their fluency they will access the curriculum  more quickly. As a result they will gain in confidence and thrive in their learning. 
Fluency Implementation- 2021
Power Up - Children will complete 5 power up questions at the start of each of their maths lessons. These are a mixture of questions that allow children to quickly recap and recall information. Teachers will then use additional adults to provide intervention in areas that the children may not yet be confident in. 
Numbots - Primarily for Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2. This online resource provides a plethora of opportunities to practise skills in a variety of ways. As children become more confident and secure in their addition and subtraction, the questions get harder. The personalised programme works to ensure that areas of weakness are covered more regularly. 
Times Table Rock Stars - Primarily for those children at the end of year 2 and in year 3 and 4. This works in a similar way to Numbots, but develops fluency with multiplication and division. Children will start with 2,5,10 times table and associated facts. as they move up through the year groups they will learn new times tables. At the end of year 4 they will complete a National Standardised Assessment. It is expected that children will know and be able to use all their times tables and associated facts by the end of year 4.
IXL  - Each term Children will complete a diagnostic assessment using this online resource. The system then knows which areas your child needs to develop and provides recommended activities, together with model solutions to learn from. The more the children practise, the better the computer knows them and the more personalised the resources becomes.  
How can you help at home?
Ensure they complete tat least an hour a week of their online resources - this will be directed by your class teacher on the class web page. 
Ask questions at the shop "Which is lower? Higher? Cheaper?" "How much would it cost for 2?"
Count in 2s,3s,4s,5s,6s etc.
Play board games