Summer 1

Welcome to
Class 6!
Our class teacher is Mrs Spry.
Other adults in class are:
Mrs Archer and Mrs Stephenson.
During the first part of the Summer term, we will be immersed in performing, evaluating and composing rap poetry.   Our non-fiction will be centred around writing balanced arguments, then following on from this we will create then entertain with our suspense narratives, inspired by our class text this term.
The Haunting of Hiram!
Religious Education
After studying Hinduism, our next unit will be 'Pentecost' which asks the pupils to consider - 'Why does it sometimes need courage to be a witness?"  We will explore how we live our lives, the way that we treat others and consider what our actions say about our attitude to service.  The events of Pentecost will give us an opportunity to explore the work of the Spirit in enabling people to hear God's message to live Jesus' way of service.
During the Summer term we will revisit fraction relationships and qualities so as to order, find equivalence and perform four operations. We will show how reflections and translations change within the four quadrants and solve problems with simple formulae. We will learn how to measure angles and solve problems including missing angles.  In our maths sessions we will give the children a weekly opportunity to engage in mixed problem solving and reasoning in order to develop their flexiblilty of thinking.
Physical Education
Our PE days are now Monday and Thursday. Please make sure that your child attends school wearing the correct PE kit in order to participate in this fun, important and compulsory area of school life.  Those pupils without kit may not be able to take part as kit cannot currently be provided.
Reading - Hearing your child read can be difficult at this age, but as often as possible, ask your child questions about their reading book, challenge them to predict what will happen next and ask them to summarise what they have read so far.
Spellings - these will be issued on a Tuesday then tested on the following Monday. Handwriting practice sheets will contain the spelling list and remain in school. The children must access this list through Google Classroom.
Maths - activities will be allocated weekly, using 'IXL.' Building effective routines now to ensure that homework is completed will ease the transition to Secondary school when the expectation is much greater.
Important Summer Dates
Monday 19th April- Back to school
Monday 3rd May- Bank holiday
Friday 28th May- Last day
Monday 7th June - Non-pupil day (Staff Training)
Tuesday 8th June- Summer 2 term begins
Monday 14th June - PGL
Friday 23rd July - LAST DAY FOR Y6!